Trinity is known as a lighthouse on the hill. People from around the heart of San Antonio can see our steeple @ Mulberry and TriPoint off 281. They are inspired to think of their life purpose in light of God. We pray that our lives will then help them, like a light, to see how they can live out God’s inspiration. United we become as Jesus said, “a city set on a hill that can not be hid.”


We are commissioned by Jesus, to let our “light shine before people that they may see our good works and give glory to God in heaven.” Jesus blessed us with his teachings on our being “the light of the world” and our being “the salt of the earth.” He also warned us not to lose our “saltiness” and not to hide our “light”. What are we to make of this blessing & warning?


CLAIM your identity. Jesus said, “You are.” Your “saltiness” and “light” enables you to know your place on the earth and in the world. Otherwise we get lost.


CARE for your identity in light of your purpose. Salt is meant to preserve and provide taste. Care for God’s message in your life and in the earth. We become worthless if we lose our saltiness. Light makes things visible. Don’t hide your light but give care to let it shine so people can see. 


CONNECT your purpose, your salt & light, to honor God and you will be renewed and rewarded. 


BE LIGHT: Light enables us to see. Light reveals what was hidden in darkness. Light shows the way.


BE SALT: Salt preserves. Salt adds taste. 


BE YOUR TRUEST SELF. You are made in God’s image. You are reborn in Christ.  You BECOME light in the world. 


Christ is the Light who lights up our lives. Christ is on the bold mission to shine through us as Light into darkness. 

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