Develop 20x20 Spiritual Vision so you can see the prize, the pathway, and the purpose that leads you away from destruction and into life eternal. 


In eye vision, 20x20 vision is the ideal. I’ve never had 20x20. Stigmatism. Near  sightedness. Couldn’t see the board work in first grade. And by the middle of my second grade I was four eyes, wearing glasses. Then all of a sudden I was able see what was there to be seen all along but couldn’t see until I wore corrected lens. I was converted to a better way of seeing by getting the help I needed.


Jesus transforms our life vision, enabling us to see what we cannot see without being in a living relationship with Him. We notice in Jesus’ teachings that He frequently said if “you have eyes to see then see”. That is why seeing with eyes on the prize focuses us on the path that fulfills our life purpose. Faith eyes allow us to see more than what meets the naked eye. 


As a hiker, I keep my destination in mind. As a disciple, I do the same. Daily I remember Jesus’ call “COME, FOLLOW ME and I will MAKE you fishers of people”. Here are 3 takeaways:


1) Focus on purpose. By visualizing your purpose it is easier to head in the right direction. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.  


2) Stay on course. With limited energy and time, don’t get knocked off course. Avoid distractions and daily stay headed toward your destination.


3) Keep alert. Danger and/or opportunity can show up at any time. So stay aware of your surroundings and remain open to surprises.


Jesus said, “Focus on entering through the narrow gate. You will then avoid the way to destruction. Most people will choose differently than you. But stay on the narrow way and you will find life.”

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