Oscar Wilde wrote, “a happy ending depends on when you end the story.” Today’s passage comes at the end of Jesus’ Sermon On The Mount. Not only is this where Jesus chose to end this sermon but within it is the pathway to a “happy ending” for all who “hear and do” His message. He is the “beginning and end, the alpha and omega” of our story. And that if we allow Him to be “the author and finisher of our faith” then our lives culminate with a purposeful ending on earth and the ultimate happy ending in heaven.


How will your story end? Worthy lives are built with these building blocks:

1) Words matter.

Speak truth in love. Holy words are obedient words to God’s Word. Let your words be noble and true. Our words & actions reveal what we are allowing God to do or not do in our lives.  (Mt. 7:21-23)

2) Hear Jesus. Really hear Him.

Apply Jesus’ message. Wise people will. What we do and say must be built upon God’s foundation (Mt. 7:24-27). Foolish people build from their own egos. Whatever we build on the foundation of our own egos carries a fatal flaw and cannot last.  (Mt. 7:24-27)

3) Live in God’s authority.

No one else has the eternal authority to make happy endings come true. Let God’s legacy determine your legacy.   (Mt. 7:28-29)


Happy endings require our partnering with God. Avoid the following: If we stop believing in the middle of life’s storms then we allow the storm to write an unhappy ending. If we only pretend to believe then we crumble under stormy pressures. If we try to hedge our bets by trusting our character to competing “authorities” then the impure building materials of our character will falter in the storm.


Live in Christ’s Kingdom and know the happiness that is built to last.

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